The Enneagram (“ennea” is Greek for nine) is a clear map that reveals nine distinct personality types, the connections between the types, and the direction for individual
Supportive Statement

I enjoyed the subtypes workshop enormously, and, without a doubt, I will use the information as well as the power of the workshop experience itself to deepen my work with clients and to support my own personal growth. Sandra’s breadth of knowledge, warmth and wisdom kept me riveted every minute. Sandra has a remarkable ability to create a safe and stimulating environment in which participants can and want to digest the material and explore their own process - in individual reflection time, in type and sub-type groups, and in panels in front of the group as a whole. I was totally engaged and inspired.

~Kate Blakeslee,
therapist, Atlanta, GA


growth and transformation. No type is better or worse than another type, and we remain the same personality type throughout our lives. The usefulness of this ancient and powerful system lies in its ability to clearly identify the motivations beneath behavior. It brings to consciousness “why we do what we do.” Many popular personality systems describe behaviors. This is useful information, but only the Enneagram goes beneath behavior to the driving motivation. When we realize our motivation, change is possible. Offering insights into our motivation is one of the Enneagram’s greatest gifts.

Additionally, the Enneagram allows us to see our “focus of attention,” where our minds go when we live life on automatic. The particular filter through which each of us views the world is limiting and prevents us from experiencing much of what life offers. For most of us, this filter is unconscious. Our filter and the habitual responses and patterns we learned early in life don’t always get us the results we want or need. Identifying our habit of attention provides us the opportunity to expand our perspective, see more of reality, and to move toward our inner resources.

Sandra Smith
Understanding the nine different perspectives allows us to value others’ contributions and become more patient with differing points of view. Miscommunications lessen when we become aware of other ways of filtering information. Thus, the Enneagram in a sense, is a powerful tool for peacemaking as we deepen our self awareness, become less reactive and move from compulsion to compassion.