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sustainable, outcome-oriented organizational change that
impacts productivity and client service.
Supportive Statement

In my previous work experience as a Family Physician educator, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the Enneagram. However, it wasn't until I recently participated in a 3 day workshop at the Asheville VA Hospital led by Sandra that I was able to see how the Enneagram can help me become the leader, colleague, supervisor, friend and wife I have always aimed to be. By becoming aware of my core internal motivator, I am better able to effectively communicate and relate to others with more understanding and compassion. Sandra lives and breathes the Enneagram. She is a gifted facilitator and a likable instructor. The Enneagram can transform your life like no other leadership, self-help training I've attended in the past.

~Kimberly K. Morris MD
Chief of Geriatrics & Extended Care
Medical Director,
Community Living Center Charles George VA Medical Center

The greatest resource your organization has is your employee team. Research indicates that productive organizations employ a workforce that interacts with high emotional intelligence; colleagues are self-motivated, manage themselves productively, and interact with others effectively and with respect because they “know” themselves at a deep level .

The Enneagram System is a powerful tool for developing greater self-understanding and emotional intelligence in your workplace setting. Sandra will create Enneagram-based experiences for individuals and teams that teach participants about the nine personality Types comprising the System.

Specific outcomes:
As colleagues learn to understand and work with the System, and as they apply specially designed, Enneagram-based strategies on a regular basis, participants will

identify and appreciate more fully their giftts and how best to offer them in an organizational context

identify habits and patterns that prevent clear communication with others and that limit creative options

understand the motivations for behavior so patterns can be shifted and perspectives expanded

relate with colleagues more creatively, with curiosity, more compassion, understanding and tolerance

Overall benefit: As a result of participating in this Enneagram training experience, participants will improve their emotional intelligence, which will in turn allow them to enjoy greater job satisfaction and work more productively with their colleagues, necessary prerequisites for optimal organizational productivity.

Participants say...

"Knowing yourself is the most powerful management tool you can possess. This Enneagram training is an imperative piece in achieving this skill."
Stephanie Kiser, Director, Mission Hospital Community Health and Corporate Wellness

"I found that Sandra’s guidance helped me use the Enneagram to deepen my understanding of myself, become more aware of how I see the world via my ‘type’, and, most importantly, learn how to act ever more out of love and presence. It was a powerful, deeply moving time for me."
Andrew Jones, Co-Director, Climate Interactive

"As a long time spiritual director, I enthusiastically recommend Sandra Smith’s Enneagram workshops. Sandra knows the system well, understands its power for helping and healing, and knows and presents it as one of many tools that can assist in our own search for wholeness as well as in our work with others. Sandra’s own listening skills are impressive and make the workshop a safe experience for all kinds of people; her energy and sense of humor make it fun!"
Rev. Sally Purvis, Ph.D., Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, GA