I trust Sandra's expertise and understanding of the Enneagram's complexities and recommend her teaching and facilitation. A skilled presenter, she brings integrity, humor, and compassion to life---offering life-giving change in her client's personal and professional lives.

~Helen Palmer,
Author and International Enneagram teacher, Co-founder of the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Traditio

Using the Enneagram’s map of nine distinct personality types, the art of Alchemyworks is to engage people at the core of who they are and to explore the filters and motivations that keep us on automatic. Awareness of our personality’s type structure allows us to dissolve the barriers to healthy relationships in the workplace and in personal life as we reclaim our essential selves, converting judgment to curiosity, automatic self to present self, and compulsive behavior to compassionate response.

Through Alchemyworks Sandra offers

Organizational support and consulting

Facilitation and teaching for personal growth and spiritual renewal

Individual sessions structured for
spiritual companionship & workplace coaching

Sandra Smith