What is my greatest obstacle to my deepest prayer? What stands between me and my experience of the Divine? I do. “Who am I?” is a foundational theological question and deepening self awareness is key for honest, authentic relationship with self, other and the Holy. Waking up and becoming available to ourselves and to the Holy requires that we recognize the compulsions, patterns and internal stories that limits us and deny us our full dimensionality.

In spiritual direction sessions, Sandra weaves silence, questions and meditation. She offers presence and deep listening as she observes the gifts of directees as well as stuck places. The Enneagram System Map serves as a guide, indicating the barriers to a loving heart and the path toward integration. Sandra welcomes all humans in this journey to the Soul.

The above video was taken at the 2014 St. Paul Conference.

Sandra has been a Spiritual Directors International member since 2011 and presented at SDI conferences in St. Paul, MN, Boston, MA, on line and in Santa Fe, NM.