In business organizations and non profits, the first step to becoming a highly functioning team is increasing self-awareness.  Knowing our impact on others, setting healthy boundaries, realizing how we filter information, and recognizing our reactivity triggers allow for more effectiveness in the workplace. The Enneagram map offers key insights into what motivates and drives our behavior. Foundational to how we process information is

  1. where we first place attention. Our ego structure scans to find what will support it.  This creates blind spots and denies us a full view of reality.
  2. the “idealized self” that our ego unconsciously supports.  This creates a stagnant belief in who we take ourselves to be, thus limiting our growth.
  3. our core reactivity trigger that is at the base of our reactions.  Knowing this specific trigger can allow for improved self-regulation.
  4. our unconscious world view from which inner assumptions arise.  This narrow understanding of how the world operates maintains automatic patterns and blind spots.
  5. our inherent strengths given our type.  These are natural gifts we have and come easily for us.  Careful not to over use these!

When used well, the Enneagram allows us to replace judgement with curiosity as we come to understand the perspectives of others and name them as valid.


The Enneagram is a complex Internal Diversity System supporting us in offering respectful listening as we engage with others.