Through participation in an Enneagram Staff Training, staff members will learn

  • the nine diverse perspectives of the Enneagram types
  • the unconscious placement of attention that drives energy
  • particular blind spots that limit growth and maintain unhealthy patterns
  • the unconscious driver of reactivity
  • each type’s verbal and nonverbal communication style
  • strategies for more effective communication
  • inherent strengths of each type


  • broader perspective that honors diverse opinions becoming more curious and less judgemental
  • strategies for moving beyond limiting patterns, creating more effectiveness in work as strengths expand
  • more neutrality and presence in difficult time
  • engaging conflict creatively, allowing more possibilities to emerge
  • increased clarity in communications creating efficiency and smooth flow of information
  • balanced use of strengths with clear boundaries making space for other’s strengths

While working with staff, Sandra underscores the perspectives represented on the staff and their strengths as well as those perspectives that are missing.  Identifying team blind spots and naming the missing perspectives leads to ensuring those perspectives are included in discussions and decision-making. Asking a staff member to bring the missing perspective into the meeting offers an effective way of increasing cognitive diversity on the team.