Different people respond to different leadership styles.  For leaders who want to maximize effectiveness, deepening their own self-understanding is primary.  Additionally, learning how to manage and relate to different types of people can result in high team achievement and performance. Without a working knowledge of what those differences actually are, it can be difficult to lead effectively.

Engaging a leadership training with Sandra involves deepening understanding of the inherent strengths of your Enneagram type as well as knowing the cues that tell you that you are over engaging these strengths. What does a balanced use of your strengths look like?

Each Enneagram type has specific sensitivities that can impact leadership.  For example, the Thinking Triad of types 5, 6 and 7 have a sensitivity to being seen as incompetent.  How might this sensitivity shape your leadership and decision-making?

In addition to exploring the strengths and sensitivities of team leaders, this training brings to light the unconscious ego ideal of each type whose role is to maintain the “status quo” of us.  This is self-limiting.  Knowing this piece of our type, allows us to move beyond an identity we’ve outgrown and expand our strengths, our responses and how we engage in times of stress and transition.  Awareness of how we process internally allows us to choose whether we remain in this same loop or become more than we’ve identified ourselves to be.

Listen to this Laura Juarez Interview with Sandra on Leadership and the Enneagram.

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