Discover the Enneagram type you lead with!

The Enneagram isn’t about behavior.  It isn’t really a typing system.  The Enneagram offers us a map of our inner landscape that indicates what drives our behavior. Knowing our type is an inside job and can be complex.  Online test can be either helpful or confusing.  Reading about all nine types and observing yourself is foundational to discovering your lead type. Trained and certified Enneagram professionals can also be helpful in this process.  Once you know your lead Enneagram type, then the Enneagram map is a useful guide.

An individual Enneagram assessment session with Sandra explores the nine types and the Enneagram system as a whole. Through a series of questions and some brief reading, Sandra guides client as they self-identify their Enneagram type.  The hour session closes with a general overview of that lead type.  These sessions can be in person at Sandra’s Asheville office or by skype or zoom.

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