A Brand New Book by Sandra Smith

Dispelling myths and dissolving stereotypes, The Enneagram Map to Your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type invites readers to deepen their use of the Enneagram System in support of their spiritual lives as well as psychological health. The book weaves personality and spirituality, seeing these as intimately woven. With clarity and consistency, this book highlights that we want to understand our type and how it operates in our lives, but not reinforce the patterns of our type.

A diversity of guest writers—companion voices—share stories of their lived experience related to their Enneagram types and these stories bring heart to the book. Practices for each of the nine types along with prayers and blessings for each type offer support to readers who desire to transform from living in type patterns to living beyond their type.

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“In The Enneagram Map to Your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type, Sandra Smith invites us to recognize that, while the Enneagram is an effective map for self-understanding, if we desire to become more awake on this life journey, we must begin with and be rooted in presence. Through powerful narratives, provocative questions, and profound practices, Sandra graciously nudges us to live with a more open heart, so that we might experience and embody the transformational power of the Enneagram. This book is a blessing for all who seek to be more fully alive.”


-Christopher Copeland, M.Div., J.D., D.Min

Core Faculty Member & Certification Director, The Narrative Enneagram, Cohost of Heart of the Enneagram Podcast

 “As an experienced Enneagram practitioner Sandra Smith brings together considerable Enneagram wisdom in her new book, gathering helpful overviews and enriching them with personal stories and diverse “companion voices” to help us engage with the intimate issues about each type structure. As she tells us, however, “insights and new learnings are stimulating and fascinating but not transformative.” Sandra adds valuable practices, inquiries and prayers to support us in making the crucial transformational shift from type to essence. I’ll turn to this helpful book of Enneagram resources again and again!”


-Belinda Gore, Ph.D.

Enneagram coach, teacher and author of Finding Freedom: Understanding Our Relationships Using Object Relations and the Enneagram

“Sandra Smith offers us a remarkable gift that comes from her deep, attentive engagement with others and with her own life. With her beautifully grounded wisdom, insight, and compassion, she opens a welcoming door to the Enneagram, both for those who are new to it as well as those who have been working with it for a long time. I am especially grateful for how she brings practical steps to engaging the mystery and complexity of our lives as she invites us to see more clearly the presence of the sacred at the heart of it all.”


-Jan Richardson

Artist and author of Sparrow: A Book of Life and Death and Life

“In this book, Sandra creates a rich experience for the reader to travel through the 9 Enneagram energies with helpful mindfulness practices at each stop. The “Companion Voices” she includes allows the reader to fully immerse themselves in the energy at each of the 9 types. This is a great guide for those beginning their Enneagram journey and those who want to go deeper into the essence of their being.”


-Deborah Egerton, PhD.

Author of Know Justice Know Peace: A Transformative Journey of Social Justice, Anti-Racism, and Healing through the Power of the Enneagram; and Enneagram Made Easy: Explore the Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram to Open Your Heart, Find Joy, and Discover Your True Self.; She is the current IEA President and an international Enneagram teacher.

“Sandra Smith’s The Enneagram Map to Your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type guides readers in identifying themselves within the enneagram system and in perceiving its significance to their life experiences. From this decades-long enneagram teacher, we receive insights for affirming our complex selves while in the never-ending process of becoming. It’s now my first recommendation for anyone exploring the enneagram as an interpretive resource.”


-Luther E. Smith, Jr., PhD

Author of Hope is Here! Spiritual Practices for Pursuing Justice and Beloved Community; and Professor Emeritus, Candler School of Theology, Emory University.

“The beauty of reading “The Enneagram Map to Your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type” is that it provides a living experience of the path author Sandra Smith uses to bring forth insights, stories (from guest writers), and practices. Each chapter supports readers in understanding the journeys we travel toward our wholeness. Sandra weaves her learned rites of passage, spiritual insights, and techniques for transformation as she brings us the power of the Enneagram Map.”


-Erlina Edwards

Co-Executive Director of The Narrative Enneagram Organization, an IEA Accredited Professional, and a certified Narrative Enneagram Teacher and Spiritual Director

2024 Book Tour with Sandra

Upon the release of The Enneagram Map to Your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type, Sandra will engage readings in a number of cities as well as online. Dates and location will continue to be added as this they are secured.

August 29

Online Reading and Celebration Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South

Durham, North Carolina, 7:00 PM

September 4

Malaprops Bookstore with Guest Writers

Asheville, NC 6:00 PM  Pre-order through Malaprops at

September 6

Charis Bookstore with Guest Writers

Decatur, GA 7:30PM

September 9

Little Professor Bookstore

Birmingham, AL 6:00 PM

September 12

Scuppernongs Bookstore

Greensboro, NC  6:00 PM

September 26

Location TBA

Houston, TX

October 2

Garden District Bookstore

New Orleans, LA, 5:30

October 9 

Fiction Addition Bookstore

Greenville, SC 5:15PM

The Enneagram Map to Your Deeper Self: Living Beyond Your Type

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