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Diagrams of the Nine Type Structures on Automatic and in Presence

These diagrams, contained in a flexible three-ring binder, offer an “inside” look at the nine types when they are living on automatic as well as when present. Our ego structure rests on our defense mechanisms which supports the emerging of our ego ideal. We are more than meets the eye! $75 per package + $7 shipping (20 pages)


Enneagram Assessment Report

Beautifully designed on high gloss paper, this 22 page booklet shares the intricacies of the type structure and offers type-specific information about leadership gifts, communication styles and key words for communicating with other types. This report includes the diagram of the particular type’s ego structure on automatic as well as practices and suggestions for growth. $125 plus $5 shipping


At-A-Glance Packet

One page on each type with specific information on the mental framework, ways of self-sabotaging, inherent gifts, and a list of questions that help unstick the client. Great for Therapists and Coaches!  $30 +$4 shipping


Women’s Spirituality Circle Guidebook

A facilitator’s manual that outlines conversation topics, exercises and poetry for Six Sessions for a Women’s Spirituality Series. This product is not Enneagram related! $100 +$6 shipping.