Leadership in the Unknown: An Online Course

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern
This course is for leaders in organizations whether non-profit, for profit, government, or faith communities.

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As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change patterns of life and work, leaders will be wise to anticipate and prepare for significant shifts in organizational culture. These shifts offer both a challenge and an opportunity to discern what familiar ways of relating and working need to be continued and what ways may no longer be as relevant and effective as they once were. As you reaffirm some existing ways, release others, and welcome new ones, how will you attend to emotions that arise from losses experienced? How will you be with each other in the returning and reimagining?

Unquestioned loyalty to the way things were is a barrier to imagining and opening to the new. In our time together, we’ll discuss how our “established ways of seeing” and our mental concepts and inner narratives limit us. Additionally, we’ll explore how to practice seeing with new eyes so that we may move beyond our customary patterns of thinking, feeling and working. Cultivating mental and emotional agility that allows for the both/and is crucial for these new times, times of “not-knowing.”

“We are being worn down to our Essence as we are forced to change course.”

Terry Tempest Williams

Join us for a rich conversation of questions as well as suggestions for navigating what is to come. Our learning will be facilitated by guiding questions for self-reflection, breakout group discussions and didactic. Upon registering, participants will be sent pre-work questions and zoom information for the course.

Cost for Part I is $75. Cost for Part II, a 1.5 hour discussion of process and practice suggestions, will be offered on Tuesday, June 23, is $45. You may pay for both at the same time or pay for them separately. It isn’t required to register for Part II. It will be helpful to know your Enneagram type but not necessary. If you would like to engage an Enneagram assessment before this June 2 event, contact Sandra to arrange for a zoom assessment. Cost is $100 for assessment session.


Guy Sayles, DMin

Guy is a writer, speaker, consultant, and guide who focuses on the intersections of meaning and culture. He’s engaged in exploration of the practices and perspectives that contribute to ethical and effective leadership, purposeful and empowering organizations, and healing and reconciling spirituality. He draws on his varied experiences as a leader of congregations and other organizations and as university professor. He blogs at FromTheIntersection.org.

Sandra Smith, MDiv

Sandra is a Certified Enneagram System Consultant who teaches the Enneagram throughout North America to deepen self-awareness and to promote personal, professional and spiritual growth. Her work weaves her business background, theological education, Enneagram expertise and mediation training. Learn more about her work at AlchemyWorksEvents.com.


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